4 thoughts on “What does Valentine’s Day mean to you?

  1. Valentine’s day to our family means another day to show how much we love & appreciate each other . To thank God that we can spend time & create memories that will last a lifetime. That is what Valentine’s Day means to us!


    For me, it means a day for me to show the people in my life who I really care about & that I love them. It’s not about gifts or expensive dinners, it’s the thought that I have some pretty special people in my life! It’s a day that is filled with gestures of love and kindness. It’s a day to remember how lucky we are to have our loved ones and thank God for all the blessings he constantly provides for us. It’s a day to appreciate one another and remember that love can concur all.

  3. Congratulations to Kassandra, Aub and Marqueonna, winners of our Valentine’s Giveaway! We would also like to thank all our residents for sharing with us what Valentine’s Day means to them! We appreciate your residency! Happy Valentine’s Day!


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