New Amenity: Trash and Recycling Collection Program

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Exciting News! Windridge will now provide door to door trash pick-up. We have hired Recycle Now as our valet trash company. On Thursday December 19th, a trash container will be delivered to your front door. The trash container is Recycle Now’s property and must be used for their trash pick-up. Also, Windridge offers recycling for anyone that would like to recycle. Please contact the office in case you would like to recycle so that we can provide you with a special recycle container. The trash and recycle container must be kept inside your apartment at all items and only left outside on trash pick up days and assigned hours. Please follow guideline below for trash pick-up days.

What types of material will be collected for recycling?

Most items that we throw away can be recycled. We can collect these four types of items: PLASTIC, METAL, PAPER, and CARDBOARD. We do not collect glass.


Only containers with the recycling symbol for numbers 1-7. NO plastic bags, NO Styrofoam products, NO chemical containers, NO toys


Aluminum, tin, and steel containers NO aluminum foil, No pie plates, NO parts, NO toys, NO electronics, NO appliances, No wire hangers


Office paper, window envelopes, magazines, catalogues, paper back books, phone books and brown paper bags NO rubber bands, NO plastic wrappings, NO hard back books, No Napkins


Food and detergent boxes, paper egg cartons, 12-pack drink cartons, folded corrugated boxes, cereal boxes NO waxed cardboard, NO plastic or foil lining from cereal or cracker boxes, NO pizza boxes or food contaminated boxes.

Will I need to separate the recyclable items?

No, all of your recyclables may go together in your recycling bag. Simply put the items in your clear plastic bag and leave it in your recycling container to be picked up.

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