Help us keep the pipes from freezing this winter

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Winter is here, which meants freezing temperatures are approaching! When a pipe freezes, it can potentially break which leads to community-wide water shut offs and frustration for everyone! When the temperatures dip below freezing, here are a few tips to prevent the pipes in your home from freezing this winter season:

  1. Open the Cabinet Doors in Kitchen and Bathroom(s): If the cabinets are located on an exterior wall, opening the cabinet doors under the kitchen sink and bathrooms allows heat to circulate around the pipes to keep it warm.
  2. Drip Faucets: Drip both hot and cold water from the kitchen and bathroom faucets. The will not only keep water moving through the pipes, it also relieves any built up water pressure in the pipes to prevents any pipes from bursting should they freeze.
  3. Turn your heater on to autoYour inside apartment temperature should be at least 65F in extreme weather conditions.
  4. Check up on your home when you're away: If you are going to be out of town during the coldest days, ask a friend or family member stop by your home to perform the tasks above to prevent costly damages inside your home.
  5. Look for the signs: The leasing office will usually place visible signs at the community entrance to alert the residents when a below-freezing night will occur.

Stay safe and warm this winter!

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